I luv Petaluma

Found myself drunk in a 7-11 parking lot in Petaluma talking about “life’s big questions”

"   It’s still you.
It’s still you.   "
Margaret Atwood

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My art: [graphite on paper]
My art: [graphite on paper]
My art: [graphite on paper]
My art: [graphite on paper]
My art: [graphite on paper]
Someone: I love your paintings!!!
Anonymous: Are you going to school this fall?

No I’m going to stay home and smoke weed

I wish I was dead. I didn’t ask for any of this.

Anonymous: I think you're so interesting!!

I’m not really. I just sit around all day smoking cigarettes and watching the cooking channel.

Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer' (1997) booklet scan created by Stanley Donwood

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Relationships and the ENFP


LOVE IS: Finding someone with whom they can share a faithful, loyal and affectionate attachment.

FALLS IN LOVE: Imaginatively. ENFPs can feel love and affection that is almost childlike in its purity.

FALLS OUT OF LOVE: Will be slow to leave a relationship into which they have put so much energy. But when they fall out of love, they rebound quickly.

INTIMACY: Creative playful and affectionate lovers who whole-heartedly embrace the opportunity for closeness with their mates.

COMMITMENT: Seeks a lifelong, committed relationship. ENFPs approach their intimate relationships quite seriously.

MOST SATISFIED WITH: A partner who supports their creativity and caring, and who expresses appreciation for their unique qualities openly and often.

Literally so correct wow

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